Steps You Can Take Right Now to Get Noticed On Google

Steps You Can Take Right Now to Get Noticed On Google

Every business owner is trying to “get noticed” on Google. In fact, everyone is fighting for those same top spots in the search results. Everyone is always asking the age old question, “How do I get higher ranking on Google?” There are a few steps you can take right away.

First of all, make sure you register with both Google Analytics and Google Search Console (previously called Webmaster Tools). These sites will provide you with great insight on how your visitors found you and what pages they visited once they arrived.

Have you registered your business with Google Business Services? This service helps your customers find you anytime and anywhere. You can set up your business profile, add photos, and list your hours of operation. If you haven’t registered yet, take advantage of very useful directory – best of all, it’s free!

Another important step you can take to increase your ranking is to take advantage of Google+. Although Google+ certainly hasn’t really taken off like Facebook and Twitter, it isn’t going away either. Instead, Google is reinventing it to offer more services such as photo hosting and content curation. They have implemented a new Communities feature that is gaining 1.2 million members per day. If you haven’t take advantage of this free tool, head over there now.

Finally, have you updated your content on your website? Businesses that routinely update or add content to their website will rank higher in the search results. If you haven’t updated your content lately, add a news page or a blog to make sure your site looks current. Take a look at the content you have on each page, and make sure that it is high quality, and not “keyword-stuffed.” Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and the search engines are becoming smarter and will penalize sites that do not have quality content. Read this article from the American Marketing Association to find out how you can tweak your content to rank higher on the search engines.











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